Auto Binary Signals Review


Auto Binary Signals Review

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This Auto Binary Signals review covers the new forex product Auto Binary Signals. Read our honest opinions and impressions of this trending product!


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Auto Binary Signals is a relatively new piece of software that leverages the power of binary signals to assist traders in making profitable investment decisions. The software performs this task by monitoring changes in binary options, or signals that may provide insight into market shifts and then alerts the user with recommended investment strategies. The software is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems and requires minimal system resources.

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Auto Binary Signals Review –The Basics

After you purchase and gain access to the Auto Binary Signals software, you will immediately be directed to the Auto Binary Signals Members Area. The first step after gaining access will be to find a quality broker to assist with your trades. When testing the program ourselves in preparation for writing this Auto Binary Signals Review, our team was especially impressed with the number of approved and recommended brokers referenced in the Members’ Area. You definitely should not have any problems finding the right broker for you.


Auto Binary Signals


After deciding on a broker, the next step is to watch a webinar produced by Roger Pierce, the creator of Auto Binary Signals. This webinar lasts several hours but we found it well worth the investment of our time. The webinar not only breaks down the basics of binary signals for those who may need a crash course, but Mr. Pierce also demonstrates how the software works and exactly the best way to use the Auto Binary Signals program to achieve optimum results.

Finally, and in preparing for this Auto Binary Signals Review, we found the third step in the process to be particularly helpful. The third step is a in-depth video series complete with PDF manuals that not only describe each aspect of this auto binary code software in detail, but they also provide valuable case studies and examples that show exactly how other traders have used the software to make profitable investment decisions. While this is not a guarantee of success and every trader must have his or her own decisions, we found the examples and case studies, in tandem with the tutorial videos to be particularly useful in jumpstarting our ability to quickly leverage the software for binary signals.


Auto Binary Signals Review – The Software

The software itself is quite user friendly and is compatible with both Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. One feature that surprised our team when reviewing the software is that it not only tracks trends in stocks, but also tracks commodities, foreign currencies, and a series of other investment opportunities complete with predicted trends based on historical data. In other words, you tell the software what you want to see and it analyzes indicators, provides a list of indicators analyzed, and then predicts whether your chosen investment is likely to trend up or down in an easy to follow graph or chart.

We tested this software among a series of investment opportunities for approximately three months and found that the success rate was acceptable. Our team qualifies the success rate as “acceptable” simply because we want to exercise caution and make clear that the software only analyzes “indicators” and binary options, so it will never be 100% accurate. However, in our tests, we averaged an 80% success rate overall, which was impressive.




Auto Binary Signals Review – The Good Points

During the course of preparing for this Auto Binary Signals Review, we noticed both good and bad points and decided to provide those as you may find them useful.
 The good points are:

  • The user friendly nature of the software makes it easy for traders of all skill levels to quickly learn and leverage the software
  • The software contains indicators that reflect supply and demand, which are valuable when deciding on trades
  • The software adapts to queries you input so that it will eventually tailor to your market and trade preferences
  • An impressive 80% success rate, better than many other products we tested
  • Clear and easy to understand charts to assist in investment decisions
  • Quality video and PDF training to help even beginners hit the ground running with the software
  • Excellent and responsive customer support
  • Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked


The bad points are:

  • Trading involves risk and, especially beginners, will need to take several hours reviewing the training videos and PDF to fully leverage or understand the power of the software
  • The sales page may exaggerate depending on each specific customer. Generally speaking, new traders will need time to learn the software and the markets before making huge profits. However, experienced traders may fare better more quickly
  • Some basic trader knowledge is helpful prior to utilizing the Auto Binary Signals software

Auto Binary Signals Review – Closing Thoughts

Not only did our team test the product for themselves, but we also scoured the Internet for reviews from other users to ensure that we had the most unbiased and comprehensive Auto Binary Signals review. While trading is a complex process and should not be undertaken lightly, we found that the software makes it much easier to get started and make wise investment decisions. Between the training webinar, the training videos, PDF manuals, user-friendly interface and quality customer support, Auto Binary Signals appears designed to help traders hit the ground running with the software.

While trading involves risk and it may take more time for beginners learn the ropes, we still recommend the product and suggest that anyone seriously interested in trading and binary options check it out. If you find that it does not meet your needs, please take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee. However, overall we found Auto Binary Signals to be a quality product with great results from our tests. 


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